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Αll Cyprus companies regardless if they are dormant or not, have an obligation to prepare and file audited financial statements to both the Registrar of Companies and the Tax Authorities. All companies to be up to date and in good standing should prepare and file Financial statements until 2021.

To be able to proceed, we need you to send us all the documents of the company to complete the bookkeeping and send them for audit and the preparation of the financial statements of 2021until the end of February 2022.

Documents required for the preparation of Accounting books

Please provide us with supporting documentation/ information for maintaining proper accounting books and records:
1. All bank statements and advice slips for any bank accounts the company maintains abroad.
2. All sales/purchase invoices (if it is applicable).
3. All expense invoices
4. All invoices for acquisition of fixed assets (i.e machinery, computer equipment etc)
5. Closing Stocks (if it is applicable).
6. All contract notes for purchase and sale of shares.

If the share portfolio was handled by an investment broker, a statement of a/c to be provided for all transactions done in the year and a confirmation of the closing position of the share portfolio.

7. If the company has invested in any other companies please send us:
a) Agreement for acquisition of the investment
b) Incorporation certificate
c) Certificate of ownership of the shares
d) Financial statements of the investment companies
e) Details of any dividends received during the period and original withholding tax certificates, if any.

8. All contracts/ agreements signed during the year. You should prepare a small summary in English for each contract. The most important details would be:
a) the parties involved
b) reasons for the agreement
c) contract price

9. Copies of all minutes/resolutions for the directors and the shareholders

10. Other information relevant to the company

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