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Company Formation Jurisdictions

Our Group offers company formation in more than 30 jurisdictions.

Through our well-established network combining business associates with strong professional skills and years of
experience we are able to advise and assist our clientele in company establishment and management worldwide.

We make the procedure simple and easy for you as we undertake all documentation and communication needed
in order to offer efficient solutions and services.

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The globalization of the economy, the trade activity and investments are a growing trend as capital movements become more mobile and barriers to foreign investments are rapidly disappearing, while international trade transactions expand substantially due to the abolition of world trade barriers.

Investors and businessmen setup international business companies for the purpose of holding their participations around the world and carrying out their trading activities in jurisdictions with friendly business environment, efficient financial tax, legal and banking systems, low operating costs with high professional services near their international markets.

Despite the growing opportunities emerging from cross border activities the risks and regulations are also increasing, which generates the need for high quality competent advisory services.


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Corporate Banking Services by Globalserve Consultants Ltd

Our experienced banking department provides a full range of banking services for Cyprus Companies or other jurisdictions including advice and support for bank account opening and maintenance, issuing of debit cards and undertaking the execution of your daily bank transactions.

As a reputable bank introducer, Globalserve can introduce new clients to banks representatives in Cyprus, Luxembourg, Switzerland, UAE, Bulgaria, UK, Mauritius, Baltic Countries and other jurisdictions.


Requirements in order to open a Bank Account:

Due Diligence procedure and details required from the banks

Before open a corporate account, all reputable banks need to properly identify the Beneficial Owner(s), User(s) and Signatory(ies) of the account(s) and the below documents must be submitted together with the bank forms:

  1. Certified true copy or apostille of the signature and photograph page or pages that are clear and obvious, of the current passport of the Beneficial Owner/s, director and bank signatory if different
  2. Certified true copy of a recent utility bill, or identity card showing the Beneficial Owner/s address, director and signatory if different
  3. Bank reference letter of the Beneficial Owner/s, director and signatory, if different.
  4. CV

In case the shareholders are legal entities then additionally to the above, the companies’ statutory documents have to be submitted based on the requirements of the different jurisdictions. The following corporate documents should be certified true copy or apostilled:

  1. Certificate of incorporation
  2. The Memorandum & Article of Association
  3. Certificate of incumbency or Extract from the Trade registry showing the names of the shareholders and directors , or if the jurisdiction does not provide the said documents then the following are required a. Registered address b. Director and Shareholders c. Good Standing (in case of an old company)
  4. Share Certificates

In addition, clients need to be able to answer to the below questions:

  1. Provide in full detail the company’s main business activities
  2. The location of business activities
  3. Countries to which payments are to be effected
  4. Source and origin of funds to be deposited
  5. Estimated annual turnover

** If the bank ask further details and clarification client has to cooperate and send all documents and details required.

As face to face meeting is required between banks representatives and potential clients, in case the client is unable to travel to Cyprus they are satisfied to arrange a SKYPE or ZOOM meeting through Globalserve Consultants Ltd.

All information, certificates and other documents and details submitted to the bank are strictly confidential and sharing them to any foreign party or foreign government is strictly prohibited. Globalserve acts under strictly confidentiality rules, GDPR policies and protection technologies for its client’s safety.

Contact Globalserve Consultants Ltd for further information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us at 00357 25 817181 for further information.


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