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Globalserve as an Accounting firm

Globalserve Consultants Ltd, is one of the leading multidiscipline accounting firms in Limassol.

Our experienced and professional multilingual accountants offer accounting, VAT and payroll services to Cyprus companies and individuals in Cyprus as well as to international business companies.

In coordination with auditors and tax advisors we are able to advise and assist you in your accounting, financial, VAT and tax obligations providing you professional support for Cyprus, UK and other international business companies (British Virgin Islands, Belize, United Arab Emirates, Seychelles, Panama, Malta, Hong Kong etc).

Accounting services include:

  • Consultancy based on your business activities and your needs
  • Financial Accounting Services
  • Bookkeeping/ Accounting services based on records received by the client
  • Preparation of management financial statements
  • Payroll services
  • Payment of social insurance and employees taxes (PAYE)


VAT services for Cyprus and UK companies:

Our VAT department can provide consultation on VAT issues as well as accounting and filing of the returns including:

  • VAT Consultancy
  • VAT registration services  in Cyprus and UK
  • MOSS registration services
  • Preparation and submission of VAT/ VIES  returns for Cyprus companies and individuals
  • Deregistration from VAT

Accounting Services

Cyprus Companies

Cyprus Tax Resident Individuals

Overseas International

Bookkeeping/ Accounting

Financial Accounting

Preparation of Management

Financial Statements

VAT Consultation


VAT/ MOSS Registration/ Deregistration


VAT/ VIES Returns


Payroll Services


Payment of Social Insurance

and Employee Tax (PAYE)


 Questions and Answers on Accounting and VAT Services

Business buildings with high payroll Cyprus

We offer high-quality payroll and social insurance services to companies that have employees in Cyprus.

We discuss with you and analyze your needs comprising the Human Resource and Payroll rules, offering you the ideal solution for your company and your staff too. We undertake all the relevant paperwork, communication, and follow-up with the government de- apartments.

Payroll services include the below:

  • Social Insurance and income tax registration of the company
  • Social Insurance and income tax registration for the new staff
  • Preparation of employment contract
  • Monthly calculation social insurance and payment as well as tax contributions to the authorities too
  • Monthly calculation and payment of salaries to the personal accounts of your staff through e-banking, payslips preparation for each person
  • Obtaining a yellow slip for foreigners if required
  • Preparation and distribution of annual payroll forms (IR63) to employees

Cypriot laws relating to Payroll:

  • Social Insurance is compulsory and covers all persons gainfully employed in Cyprus. Social insurance contributions are paid by the employer, the employee, and the state.
  • Every employee is entitled to an annual leave of 20 days.
  • The Social Pension is a state pension and is available to individuals above the age of 63 for women and 65 for men. The paid-out pension is relative to the contributions made.
  • The Pay as you Earn system (PAYE) applies to all salaries, wages, directors’ emolument, pensions, and fringe benefits. PAYE is applicable to all resident and non-resident employees in Cyprus. Tax residents in Cyprus get taxed on their worldwide income while non-resident employees are taxed on the income they generate in Cyprus. It is an obligation of the employee to pay it, and the employer deducts it at the source every month.
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Globalserve Business Center

Globalserve’s top quality high tech business center is located in the city center of Limassol, where the biggest volume of business activities takes place. Our offices offer a modern and luxurious working environment equipped with the latest office technology able to satisfy the demanding needs of the international businessman.

Our Business Center provides the following:

  • Fully furnished offices with central heating/air-conditioning, cleaning services and
  • Fax and telephone are provided with answering and forwarding facilities
  • Wireless internet
  • Postal and mailing address
  • Reception & secretarial support
  • Conference room with projector and teleconference facilities
  • Seminar room
  • Parking space
  • Gym

Our main packages are outlined below. Please note that variations of the packages are also available, according to the customer’s needs.

Recruiting Services

Following the effort we make to expand the range of our services offered we have also introduced services of recruitment. Recruitment services support and complement the office services we already offer through Globalserve Business Centre such as renting of office space, secretarial support and many more which you may be informed of at the following link Office Services

We are capable of taking over the whole recruitment process. As part of our job, we post advertisements in newspapers and online sites, collect the Cvs, as well as, performing the process of screening and short listing. The basic principle of the recruitment process for us is characterized by professionalism, discretion and respect towards both parties. During our cooperation we ensure confidentiali- ty and privacy of your personal data.

On a daily basis we receive various CVs which are carefully examined and evaluated in order for us to come up with recruitment op- tions and solutions which meet the needs, desires and expectations of each of our clients. All the details and personal information of the interviewers are recorded in an electronic data base where the access is restricted to the few people who work for the recruitment department. With respect to the employer’s identity this is only being revealed when the interest is mutual from both sides or upon instruction of the employer to do so, while the same applies to candidates. We always ask for candidate’s permission in order to pro- ceed and introduce his/her profile to any of our clients. We mainly specialize in the recruitment sector of accounting, tax, internal audit, clerical and administration, corporate services, sales, banking, finance, marketing ,and other relevant employment sectors. Finally, through our data base we can provide you the best candidates that you are looking for. For any additional information please contact Ms Xenia Iasonos at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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