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Αll Cyprus companies regardless if they are dormant or not, have an obligation to prepare and file audited financial statements to both the Registrar of Companies and the Tax Authorities. All companies to be up to date and in good standing should prepare and file Financial statements until 2020. Companies that were incorporated in the second half of 2020 will prepare financial statements together with 2021.

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This Category of visa is addressed to individuals who are not going to be employed or work in the Republic of Cyprus but they wish to enjoy the status of permanent residents of Cyprus which allows them to enter the country freely and live here. These individuals should earn their income from abroad which should be enough to cover their accommodation costs in Cyprus, with the minimum being at least €9.658,17 per annum and should be in a position to prove their income and that it is received from abroad.

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2020 is over and is time to start planning your actions for 2021!

Globalserve is ready to support and advise you on your tax and other obligations as your financial business partner.

To help you to comply with your tax obligations we prepared the Cyprus Tax Calendar for Companies and Individuals.

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